When You Really Need an Immigration Lawyer

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When You Really Need an Immigration Lawyer

U.S. immigration law is broad and complex, encompassing everything from issuing visas to apprehending and deporting people from the U.S. who are here illegally. If you have an immigration need, you may find yourself asking yourself if you really need an immigration lawyer. The answer is yes; you cannot go wrong in having an experienced immigration lawyer helping you with your immigration needs and concerns. 

At Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC, we have experienced immigration lawyers who routinely help clients in the Chicago area with their immigration needs.

What a Lawyer Can Do for You

Going through the immigration process can be frustrating for many and even daunting for others. This is because the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the agency that administers U.S. immigration law, is second only to the IRS in its complexity. The agency has a sea of laws, rules, and procedures that are often not evenly applied. This means you can have two cases with identical facts and circumstances yet have one denied and the other approved. The difference may just be because the approved case was handled by an experienced immigration lawyer.

An experienced immigration lawyer can do many things for you, including the following:

  • Consultation. It’s important for your immigration lawyer to have all the information and documents needed to successfully handle your case. This is usually accomplished during your initial consultation with the lawyer. During this consultation, the lawyer will ask you questions about your situation. The lawyer will also review the documents you have concerning your case. If you do not have documents, but you have been interacting with the immigration office or court, the lawyer will request copies of those documents from the immigration officer or court. The lawyer will also answer any questions you may have.
  • Solutions. At the conclusion of your consultation, the lawyer will explain to you what needs to be done to successfully resolve your case and how they will go about doing just that for you. Most importantly, you will be confident after the consultation that your case will be in good hands and that you will get an outcome you are satisfied with. 
  • Appeals. Even when an immigration lawyer has done their best in representing you, there are times when the USCIS or Immigration Court makes a mistake or renders a bad decision. In that case, the person whose case has been wrongly denied has a right to appeal. At Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC, we successfully appeal cases that have been denied and are able to have the decisions reversed. We do this by meticulously analyzing the facts and law in the case on appeal and making a compelling case for reversal of the wrong or bad decision.

If you are in the Chicago area and have an immigration need, it is critical that you have an experienced immigration lawyer to help you. Do not handle it alone, as this may make things even more complicated. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to discuss your case and how we can help you.