Why Is My Immigration Case Taking So Long?

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Why Is My Immigration Case Taking So Long?

The immigration process in the United States is a notoriously long and arduous road. However, although you can expect some wait times during your case, there are instances in which those wait times may be excessively long. The good news is that the long wait times may not necessarily be your fault, nor the fault of your immigration lawyer, who does not have much more control over the speed of your case than you do. Below are some of the reasons your case may be experiencing delays.

The System is Backed Up

Immigration authorities in the United States seemingly always have more applications than they can handle in a reasonable amount of time. This backlog is often the subject of not only news stories, but also congressional inquiries. Other than the employment-related petitioners that have paid additional fees for premium processes, the United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) generally processes applications on a first-come, first-serve basis. In regards to specific family visa cases, the USCIS sometimes takes longer to make a decision on I-130 petitions.

You are Still on a Waiting List

Certain visas and green card applications have waiting times built right into the process. For example, individuals who are placed in the third preference category of family-based visas must wait approximately ten years before their priority date is set, and a green card and visa number is available. Unfortunately, there is little you can do about these wait times.

Your File is Lost

Many people imagine huge government buildings with their small immigration file lost somewhere in it. This may sound like paranoia, but it is not. The truth is that this happens sometimes. It is always recommended that you make a copy of your entire application prior to submitting it, and do not send original documents if the USCIS will accept a copy of the same documentation. You may be able to track your application in the event that it became lost, but this is not possible if you have not yet been assigned a case number.

You Have Not Notified the Government of a Change of Address

It is often not realistic to expect immigrants to remain at the same location while they wait for a decision on their immigration case. If you move and do not inform the USCIS, it could hurt your immigration case. In regards to wait times, if you have moved and not notified the USCIS, important documents may be sent to the wrong address, which could hold up your case indefinitely if the situation is not corrected as soon as possible.

Our Illinois Immigration Lawyers can Prevent Unnecessary Delays

It is true that Chicago immigration lawyers usually have little control over the time your case will take. However, at Kriezelman, Burton & Associates, we have the necessary experience to ensure your case is filed accurately and in a timely manner, and will not make any of the mistakes that can often hold up a case. If you are going through the immigration process, call us or contact us online to schedule a meeting with one of our skilled attorneys.