How Long am I Allowed to Stay in the U.S. on a Work Visa?

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How Long am I Allowed to Stay in the U.S. on a Work Visa?

Work visas are a gateway to numerous opportunities in the United States, allowing individuals to pursue employment and contribute to the country’s workforce. At Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC, our team of experienced immigration lawyers can assist you in understanding the duration of your stay in the U.S. with your work visa. Our team aims to provide an overview of work visas, the opportunities they present and how we can help you navigate the complexities of determining the length of your stay.

What is a Work Visa?

A work visa is a legal document that permits individuals from foreign countries to work in the United States for a specified period. Different types of work visas cater to various employment scenarios and have distinct conditions and requirements that determine the maximum length of stay. Here, we will explore some common types of work visas and their respective durations.

Types of Work Visas


The H-Visa is designated for temporary workers in specialty occupations. It allows immigrants to work in the U.S. for up to three years, with the possibility of extension for a total of six years. If the visa holder changes positions, they have 60 days to find a new job and apply for a change of status.


The L-Visa is designed for intracompany transferees, such as executives and managers being transferred to a U.S. affiliate company. With an extension, executives and managers can stay in the U.S. for a total of five to seven years, depending on if they applied for an L-1A or L-1B visa.


The O-Visa is reserved for individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement in their field, whether it be sciences, arts, education, business, athletics or more. This visa permits an initial period of stay of up to three years, with the possibility of extensions based on the continuing need for the individual’s skills and services.

Factors Impacting Length of Stay

Apart from the type of visa, various other factors can influence how long an individual can stay in the U.S. on a work visa. Understanding these factors is crucial for maintaining legal status and planning your future in the United States.

Visa Type

The specific type of work visa you hold directly affects the duration of your stay. Each visa category has its regulations and limitations regarding how long you can work and reside in the U.S.

Employer Sponsorship

The role of your employer in sponsoring your visa cannot be overstated. Employer sponsorship is critical not only for obtaining the initial visa but also for any potential extensions. Employers must demonstrate the ongoing need for your role and your valuable contributions to their operations.

Compliance with Regulations

Adhering to immigration laws and regulations is essential for maintaining your legal status in the U.S. Any violations or non-compliance can jeopardize your ability to stay and work in the country. Regularly consulting with an immigration lawyer can ensure you remain in good standing and understand any changes in legislation that might affect your status.

Contact Our Attorneys to Discuss Your Case

Navigating the complexities of work visas and understanding the duration of your stay in the U.S. can be challenging. At Kriezelman Burton & Associates, LLC, we are dedicated to helping individuals achieve their immigration goals and make informed decisions about their stay in the U.S. Our experienced attorneys are here to assist you every step of the way. If you are considering obtaining a work visa or extending your stay, contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you with your work visa needs.